Thank you for visiting The Creative Movement Hub (also known as MooHub).

We are a Union and Resource Engine for the Creative Professional Community.

The Creative Movement Hub (MooHub) is the ONLY Union driven by a creative professional opportunities engine.  Our platform offers a strong networking community and resource engine dedicated to the creative professional community.  Creative professionals, businesses and supporters of the creative community have the opportunity to post jobs, internships, events and direct exposure to various opportunities.  Being a part of our union will help unlock the gates to a variety of opportunities to take the next step in your career, and accelerate your financial growth.

Let’s Dig in.  Here are some of the benefits you get when you become a part of our movement.

– Access to networking opps to shake hands and exchange business cards with fellow artists, potential clients and collaborators.

– Grants and scholarships to elevate your career and invest in venues and projects. Add to your crowdfunding for a film production or discover sponsorship for your art gallery.

– Access to webinars to assist with everyday loving and career growth.

– Access to Resource Managers (our special treat)

– Exposure opportunities to enhance marketability.

-Health solutions including vision, dental coverage, and prescription discounts.

– No artist deserves to starve for their passion, so we installed a rewards point system so you can afford groceries and have a little more to invest in your career; artist more and starve less.

Overall, we are always negotiating new products, services, and networking opportunities for creative professionals and creative businesses; the exposure to benefits are endless. Whether you’re an emerging painter, ice sculptress, tap dancer, a creator in the “etcetera” category, need to hire an artist or performer, or a supporter searching for more opportunities in the creative community, we want you to be involved.  So, check out our membership and union options when you get a sec!  Team Us = Team You!