The MooHub engine provides services to Creative Professionals, Creative Businesses, and supporters of the creative community.  Check out our plans and programs below.

MooHub Union (Union for creative professionals and creative businesses)

If you are a creative professional or own a creative business you would best benefit by joining the MooHub Union.  It not only allows you to post your profile and or business to our Creative Link directory (providing great exposure and a profile for you to market your services), but it is also an exclusive membership for creatives, with many benefits, discounts and incentives. Union membership includes access to our rewards program, business solutions, pop up deals, health benefits (including medical and dental discounts, service and negotiation), supplementary benefits through a major provider, exclusive grants and scholarships for your creative career or business, along with access to our resource managers, and events specific to your artistry and growth within.  It also includes investment opportunities to build your financial wealth, and more; all to assist you with your growth in the creative professional community.  You also get special discounts on everyday items, and additional perks that continue to grow.  Oh! You also have free access to post to hire for your creative company*.  If you’re serious about your artistic career then get serious about becoming a member of the 365 Union.

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MooHub Friends (Free Plan – post your Resume/C.V.)

This plan is great for creative professionals and non-creative professionals wishing to post their resume/c.v. for exposure to opportunities in the creative environment, for free.  It is also great for searching creative events, opportunities, and resources worldwide.  Whether you are traveling and looking for the hottest silent party in the region, searching for a graphics artists, videographer for your kids party, the best dance school for your son/daughter, or looking for a new exhibit, you can find it here.  This one is sort of a no brainer, sign up, its free!

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MooHub Careers (For Companies wishing to post jobs and opportunities)

Are you a creative business looking for someone to work on your crew?  Is your company growing and you are looking to increase your staff?  Companies post jobs on our site to attract top notch candidates wither looking to work or currently working in the creative professional field.  Whether you need a bookkeeping assistant,   dance instructor, office manager for your gallery, or any type of position, as long as you are a creative business, or hiring for a creative position, we’ve got your back.  No more weeding through resumes that have no experience in the creative field you seek.  We provide resource managers to help you find that special candidate.  You can also opt for candidates to apply for a position through your MooHub account.  In addition, your membership comes with a great deal of perks, incentives and options as well, such as free benefits to any candidate that you hire from our reservoir, and more.

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