Dancers for Collective Dance

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Dancing cards is looking for dancers interested in improvisation. We would like to work with dancers who are positive towards innovation and like to challenge themselves by learning new. Our concept offers dancers, educators, and people interested in dance the opportunity to collaborate and expand their movement vocabulary in a fun relaxed way.

We film 1-2 days monthly in NYC. You can take a look at our website to learn more about the concept. This could be great for someone who is also interested in teaching with Dancing cards.

Video audition timeline December 6th, 2017- January 6th, 2018.

To apply, download the Dancing cards APP

Film yourself dancing one of the Dancing cards TASKS from the Dancing cards APP. Post this video on our facebook page,

Feel free to be creative with your dance/video. We are not looking for a perfect technical dancer, we love the moments in between.

Include #dancingcards #audition


The interest is not on your resume as much as it is in the cover letter. We would like to read how you write about yourself in your own words. But, include your resume anyways, we may take a look at it after we see you dance.

  • Employer Dancing cards LLC
  • Job position Dancers for Collective Dance
  • Listing categories Performing Arts

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